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Kharadi - A Realty Hub for Commercial Spaces

March 07, 2019 | Silky Malhotra

Kharadi - A Realty Hub for Commercial Spaces

Is your business not getting the required hype and success? If you are in Pune city and facing the same problem, you might need to change the location of your organisation. As the environment present currently in the city is quite good for all types of businesses, the more you will take the benefits of these available conditions, the more you will provide the success to your business.

Newcomers can also try their luck with the present situation and scenario. As the city is on the right track of huge development and success and nothing is looking impossible for this city to achieve, everybody should need to get the motivation and try the best to achieve the highest benchmarks of success and prosperity.

People who are looking for new base or platform for their new businesses or those entrepreneurs who are finding better locations to get the required hype to their pre-established businesses can please move on to Kharadi. This is one of the most prosperous and developed regions in Pune. The commercial properties in this region are in huge demand and investors are constantly availing huge benefits and higher returns from it.

The strategic geographical location of Kharadi is outstanding and hence, it provides seamless connectivity and hassle-free commuting to its residents. It is well-connected with the smooth roads, highways, expressways and flyovers in the city and travelling is very smooth from here to the airport, railway station etc. It is located on the Mumbai Pune Expressway and hence, the professionals are also choosing this place who are engaged with the leading organisations in Mumbai and Pune.

A large number of IT industries and other MNCs have established their offices in Kharadi. So, to live in proximity to their workplaces, several sophisticated families are living here in the high-end developments. So, choosing any of the great commercial projects in Kharadi can be a great choice for all the entrepreneurs in Pune.

A Quality Project in Kharadi

To bring a revolutionary change into your business style and to nourish it with great possibilities, please come to the gorgeous, Avishkar Arista. The development is offering commercial spaces for retail shops, smart offices and many other purposes which you can utilise as per your requirements.

The project is very advantageous in terms of connectivity and hassle-free commuting and hence, customers are arriving here in abundance for different types of requirements and queries. The interiors of all the available spaces are magnificent and every single of available spaces can be utilized here. The amenities available in the estate include a conference room, nursery school, shopping centre, power backup, property staff, escalators, 3-tier security, food court, high-speed escalators and much more.

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